#466 Titan

52 degrees at 3:30  light breeze from the North East. 

John Sieb took off first …My launch was clean partly because I layed out on the dirt with fewer weed stubs.

John and I returning to the field after sunset… but the sun was still shining at altitude

 Just a few Pelicans are left at Chatfield

A side benefit of experimenting with the throttle strap is that it is forcing me to do a slow roll out.  The strap is a little too wide and right now it inhibits my ability to “mash the throttle” until after I released the “A’s” and rearranged my fingers   I was rolling and accelerating slow which gave me so much more time to pay attention to the details. The wing comes up…release the “A’s” …stabilize the wing … reposition the hands to get more throttle … accelerate … and take-off.
I’m going to trim the Velcro before my next flight and should have better throttle control but I ‘ll remember how it felt to get the wing stable over head at a third to one half power ….

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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