#457 & # 458.5 Titan… A repeat of last night

No Breeze …
60 plus degrees
Clear skies
I launched at 4:30 and flew till 5:45 low on fuel…  getting chilled….  and could barely see to land.  I even did a touch and go to squeeze a few more minutes of airtime.  In other words…. another perfect evening.
PPS 250
This is the second day that I have flown the Power Play Sting 250.  What a great wing for the 4 stroke.  This wing has had several hundred flights.  First with Monte Flemming a flying his big powerful Monster and then a year with the Briggs & Stratton Trike Buggy.  Yeah…Its had a couple hundred flights and been repaired once…But…. for pure comfort… I can’t beat it.  It  inflates slow but it always seems to lumber up and center over my head as it hardens for takeoff.  The brakes hang at a comfortable place so I don’t have to mess with a second toggle and the climb rate was a respectable 275ft/min and decent was 400ft/min
This wing flies…. like a  big boat sails. 
Big smooth banking turns that say…
“I’m in no hurry”. 

Not a puff on the water

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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