#454 & #455 Snow Flake

Good day at Snowflake

low and slow


First Launch was good .. mike got video and stills.
Mike Bennett,  Robert Archer, &  Dan Kamisar
Started calm but the winds picked up shortly after sunrise. 

photo by Mike Bennett
Second take off was not good.  The wing was ossolating … I backed off the throttle and powered up again but the wing was still swinging.  I proceeded into the weeds and launched with a slight swing.  When I finally saw the video I was shocked at how close I came to another rollover.  Just like at Bubba’s I was bounced up and came down at a 90 degree angle to the origional heading.  This flight should have been aborted… no question about it.

Next time…. Power up   Once the wing is up and the trike is rolling… back off and taxi until it is stable, then add power and launch!  Watch the wing!  It’s elementary stuff but I seem to be having a hard time of it lately.  It is easy to blame the machine… it winds up too slow … or it’s so much heavier.  None of these things are flaws…it is just the nature of the rig.  Know how it performs and fly accordingly.
The answer is focus. 

good launch    Photo by Mike Bennett

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