#450 & #451 and a half

This was my 451st launch.  It looks bad but I just knew I could save it.  Probably should have aborted but I backed off the throttle two times till i got it sorted out.  Mike and I flew till the chill and sun forced us down. 
 The wing loading was too slow…. I’ve also had problems when the loading is too fast… if it begins to oscillate
There was a group of pronghorns I just couldn’t help following across the highway. 
Ground handling. 
Ground handling with a frame like the Falcon is much different than the trike buggy, Both work fine but it takes some different techniques.
Falcon vs. Trike Buggy 4 stroke
  Trike Buggy…Built to take a pounding (stiff frame) for kiting over rough terrain 
Falcon ……Built with suspension has wider wheelbase and springer rear axle …
could be described as loose goose… it dances over the surface but at close to take off speed can get bouncy.  I do not recall the buggy coming up with a twist to the left or right.  Could it be that I’m being lifted on the outbound leg of an oscillation and because one wheel is on the ground a split second longer… it causes the trike to twist in that direction.  ???
The only suspension in the buggy was the slightly bigger tires.
It’s a puzzlement …I’ll have to work on

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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