#445 Titan

Waited 45 minutes for the wind to settle down and launched into 4mph breeze.  When the surface is smooth these conditions are great, the wing comes up fast and straight and the trike is rolling as soon as the wing is out of the prop wash.  When the surface is rough it’s a different story, the wing comes up and the trike is slow to start rolling.  If I cannot get it moving quickly the wing could come down on top of me or start to fall off to one side.  In light breeze and a rough surface I try to hold the trike for a couple of seconds while the prop is wrapping up to let it develop sufficient thrust to get rolling.  In the past I have kept the throttle mashed and accelerated too fast …sometimes before I got the wing stable.  Lately I’ve been  better at letting off the throttle as soon as I’m rolling …let the wing get stable… then punch it.

The flight was good …launch and landing.  I stayed close to the field because it was getting dark and above 800 feet I couldn’t penetrate.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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