#429 Snowflake

Mike got the gang together it was the first time I’ve seen some of these guys all year.  Mike, Ramon,  Paul M.,  Robert Kimpton (new guy but very experienced aviator and PG instructor), and John Sieb.

Mike and I jerry rigged the broken weld with a bolt and duct tape, I never thought I would be repairing my flying machine with “bailing wire and broken boards” but it was a good repair and I set up with confidence.

I blew the first launch when the wind shifted causing the wing to come up crooked.  I tried to recover but aborted when it looked to hairy to keep trying.  Mike’s machine was down with exhaust problems but he couldn’t stay away from the action which turned out to be a good thing because he was right there to help reset the wing and I launched from where I had aborted.   Thanks Man!

It was a good flight.  I could tell that I was still too far forward of the risers my chest was hurting and I was ginger with the brake input.  It didn’t keep me from going high and doing a few diving turns but I sure didn’t stay up as long as I would have liked.

When it got too thermic to fly I followed  Mike back to his place and we repaired the cage, toot sweet.

John and I finished the day racing the “Paradiso” at Chatfield. It was the last race of the summer series.  The winds built over the course overpowering the big Norlam Genoa. Never the less we won it clean and locked in third place for the series.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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