Day #3 Thursday #378

Windy! It was looking good at dawn but by the time I had breakfast and got out to the field it was blowing too hard for a maiden flight. I satisfied myself with housekeeping and catching up with the gang. Chad and some of the guys were playing on the beach doing touches on a ATV while Phil Russman stood in the back and shot video. Very cool!

Careful Chad !

Later in the afternoon it came down and I went up for a nice flight on the PPS 250. My arms are forced back around the hang straps and it isn’t going to be comfortable for long flights. I tried putting my arms behind the straps but that causes my belly to tighten up and there is no way I’ll be able to fly that way. I think if I tilt the seat forward and put my arms behind the straps it will solve the problem.The Falcon is flying great. There isn’t as much pitching as with the thumper and the visibility is great! While buying supplies at the truck stop I found the perfect mirror. It’s a semi truck hubcap, one of the small ones that just cover the lug nuts. Five bucks and it will never break, always look good and is sure to be a conversation starter. That evening Sky King and I went to the Mexican place and had a huge meal.

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