3 thoughts on “The New Machine”

  1. Joe, I think you should go back to a two stroke. More gas, more oil, more maintenance, more problems.

    When is this baby gonna be ready to go? Missin' you out there.

    Greg Soberg


  2. It's a generac 32 hp 4 stroke. The rear axle is a fiberglass springer. The for/aft hang point is adjusted at the rails you see at helmet level where the risers go through a steel loop. The risers are attached to the trike frame with heavy nylon straps which can be adjusted to get the correct high or low hang point.


  3. curious: what engine did you choose. I like alot about what i see, is there any flex in the rear axle to absorb landing forces? and how are you attatching to the paraglider, will that be slide adjustable, fore and aft? thanks jim jvg122@gmail.com


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