#356 Simms with Marek

I love three flight days!

I set-up on the far North end in a patch of shallow weeds. There was a nice down hill grade and even if I had to Taxi into some tall stuff, I figured that I would be moving fast enough to plow right through. Marek got off first and I was right behind him. We both went north past the dam and I chased him west into the sun.

When I was at the West end of the lake I cut the corner and approached Marek from behind getting several good shots and i caught and passed him. Then we headed over to the High Schoola and Marek played low while I played high. I did a tight spiral dive and flew through my wake. WOW! The Thumper has a much bigger footprint than the Simonini had. Marek flew through it as well and he claims that the WACK bounced him 3 inches above his seat.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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