#340 Titan Chatfield Stealth Launch

Chatfield….Home Sweet Home !

It was O’ dark thirty when I pulled in and set up. Paul arrived at 6 followed by Greg.
I forgot how nice this LZ is. The hay has been cut, it’s flat and no bumps. What a pleasure to launch from. I took off right away, to the Marina, to shoot a few pictures, and then worked my way around the lake to the corn maze. There were 4 balloons that launched but it was too late for us to fly with them. Next time.
On the way out I saw a pilot go down over by Santa Fe and Titan. It turned out to be John Sieb who was still having trouble with his motor. Craig also had trouble…motor out somewhere…his wife picked him up. Those guys with the two strokes have all the fun!
We all launched and enjoyed mostly smooth air. Paul was dealing with high winds at 2500 but I was fine at 2000.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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