#329 & #330 Simms

Three Flight Day!

Light breeze from the NE…very unusual. The air was pretty good except directly south of the High School where it was bumpy. Might be the air is picking up something over all that concrete and brick. There was lots of lift everywhere I went. Over the Golf Course and Damn I encountered flat air but I never seemed to get any sink.

For awhile I practiced diving the glider by slowing down the wing with some brake and letting it surge ahead. It will be interesting to see how far I dropped on each mini dive. Next time I’ll try it a little lower so I can gauge the amount of drop by eye, from 1000 feet I could see the nose wheel drop and could feel the decent in my gut but the GPS just isn’t fast enough to read in real time. The dive doesn’t last long and if I power up I’ll swing ahead in a steep climb which I could turn into an even steeper dive by cutting power at the top. Next time…

The landings keep getting better, it was almost like the Eden during final flare, I was able to control the float longer than I ever have with this wing. It’s all about getting the brake line past the point of maximum pressure. It might be a leverage point where it feels easier but the pressure is the same, whatever it is…I feel it bump into “Float” and then it’s fine movements that control the sink and lift. Done right I should be able to do the “low and slow” for a long long way.Chad talks about bringing the hands all the way under the buggy but unless I want to collapse the wing I don’t think it’s helpful. The question is how much brake will stall the wing in normal flight with power and without. Tomorrow I’ll try it with the trimmers open.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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