321 Simms

Finally a launch before the sunrise !
(Green Mountain)
(home field)

I’ve been trying for weeks and today I finally did it. At 5:30 I turned on the strobes and went up to meet the sun. Beautiful !

Chatfield Reservoir
This had to be one of the best flights of the season. I stayed up as long as possible and would have pushed it till it got thermal if I had the fuel. Even then I put off landing with a touch and go and eventually did the low and slow for the full length of the field before setting down between the wind sock and the truck. It looked good but the wing came down on the sock and broke the pole. Oops.
(home field and beyond ! )

The air was as good as it gets, no bumps and almost no wind. I could barely feel the motor at 2900 RPM. This flight I spent alot of time working the throttle and I think I’m finally getting it. I lengthened the webbing for the foot steering and hooked it up. What a pleasure to have both hands free again! I flew at low RPM and chilled till I couldn’t see any gas in the tank. Terry was right…the more you fly the 4 stroke the more you appreciate it.

(Morrison & Red Rocks)

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