Flight 304 Simms

Nice long flight. Nil winds 55 degrees.

Max Altitude 2340 AGL.
This morning I used the ramps to get the buggy started rolling over the weeds and it worked great. There was lots of lift and in calm air I was getting 125 ft/min. Flew to Red Rocks and tried but failed in getting a good shot of the Rocks from west to east. Huge lift over the hogbacks but lots of sink beyond them. I made two passes over the “humps” to get high enough to get up and behind the Theater. I noticed that the development NE of the rocks looks like a possible temp LZ at least until they start building. The roads are in and a few houses but I doubt (hope) that they are occupied yet. If the wind is south or sw it looks like a nice down grade paved runway.
It was already getting bouncy down low by 7am but I did a touch and go just because I didn’t feel like quiting when I first touched down. With South Park and Lucent out, this is gonna have to be it for awhile.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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