#295 Simms…Red Rocks

Most excellent day!

It was drizzling while I loaded the truck at 5:15am. There was a low cloud cover 0n the North and Eastern horizon and patches of virga over Lakewood. I checked out the Lucent site and was just about to unload when a puff came out of the south and spoiled the moment. One morning it’s going to be coming out of the east or north and I’m going to try this place out!

So…I headed off to Simms and repeated yesterdays trick of setting up in the short grass and running hell bent for leather into the taller grass. Today I learned another reason for wearing the flight suit…it would have kept the grass seed from embedding itself in my fleece top and pants 🙂

Today I didn’t have any GPS so I couldn’t tell what the climb rate was …but it felt just fine…I might be making a fuss over nothing but I think it would be a safer machine if I could levitate a little faster.

There was very little wind and the clouds had mostly moved to the East so I took the opportunity to fly over to Red Rocks Amptheather. It was a beautiful flight, clear and light in the west and cloudy and dark behind me. The sun had just started to peak thru as I was approaching the hogbacks …great light for photography…and lots of lift. After circling the theater and taking a few pictures I flew back toward the golf course and used the lift band at the dam to get a bounce. Probably the best air I’ve experienced in a long long time. The descent took a good long while and I worked hard to position the buggy for a long final approach. Finally I was able to run 500 yards to the truck just a few feet up and touch down light as a feather exactly where I wanted. It was nice to get a little fine control I’m even getting a better feel for the throttle. If I have the room to maneuver this machine puts out plenty of power, it’s only where I’m working in tight quarters that I get puckered up.

Later I took the crew for a dinner sail. It’s all good

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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