#292 & #293

South Park…Blue Sky….Light Breeze from SW
First launch was quick and I wonder if the little rougher terrain had anything to do with getting up fast. I really do not see how but it was pretty warm and there was high humidity so I expected it to be a long runout.
No Earplugs ! Damn quiet motor…….
I changed my routine by setting up before getting into the flight suit and I think thats what caused the problem. I can say that even at full power I could live with the noise…I landed after 5 minutes anyway …just because.
Second Launch was also quick. I flew for an hour and crossed Santa Fe and C-470. It was smooth as glass once at altitude but that field is a bitch. Bumpy air and so small that you have to start the turn as soon as possible. The south east corner has a huge drop off and when I started to turn, the buggy dropped with the terrain. It was not like a bump, just sinking air where the land drops off. Maybe the reason for the quick launch was the breeze….lite as it was…it was flowing up the lip and making lift.
Goof #2
Pre Flight….Pre Flight….Pre Flight…When I landed my left tire rolled off. No damage but I hate to think what would happen if it had come off in flight. This is the second time that bolt has loosened up so I’ll either have to use lock tight or check it every flight. I was trying to come in slow and it’s a good thing I was using lots of power and lots of brake. I don’t think I had much speed at all when I touched down. The back of the buggy only drug about 2 feet and the wing didn’t overshoot.
It was a really beautiful morning …To bad my camera is broken because I had great views of Chatfield, Downtown Denver, and the house.
The best thing about this place is that it is close to home with great scenery and an easy hop to Chatfield Reservoir. But it is also a very challenging launch site. You have to start to turn as soon as possible to avoid High Power Lines and the business park. There is way too much concrete and structures all over the place and unless the wind is from the South it’s no go …and there is barely enough room to make a trike approach for landing. We are going to lose it soon because they are going to build a church here…Not a huge loss. I’m going to try the field off Lucent where I met the “Mid Day Flyer” last week.

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