#287 & #288

Good long Flight. I climbed 2000 feet and had a great time carving with the Eden. The 4 stroke is doing well and as long as I’m patient it will get me as high as I care to go. The climb rate with the Eden is just a tad better than the Power Play and I can feel a difference being 1000 feet lower than when I fly at Springs East.

The second flight was sweet, I stayed up until it started to get active and really noticed it on landing.
The afternoon was spent getting a shower at the Casino Truck Stop and hanging around the Pavilion catching up with Jim King…Jim Doyle…Ike and the gang. Jim D. helped me out with my two meter and ended up lending me a FRS and headset for the X-Country tomorrow. It was blowing hard all afternoon so I chilled in the tent reading and watching the windsock.

We had a great Pizza Dinner and listened to the Route 66 band …I would have stayed longer because they were playing all my favorites from the “bad ol days” …songs like Mustang Sally but I need to get some sleep if I was going to be able to wake up for the X-Country.

Author: JoeO

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