Flight 282 South Park

South Park
This is a difficult field. There are tall power lines to the west and buildings to the north. The weeds are getting high and if you do not get off quickly the field drops off dramatically at the south end. The first launch was a bust when the wing over shot and the second was ugly when I had to recover the wing from wild swings with both tips touching the ground.
I’m going to take a wrap next time and see if the problem is the brake lines are too long. the landing was similar to the fiasco at the Salton Sea, I bounced and did a wheelie. The problem was that the field is short and I was trying to land as close to the front edge as possible unfortunately there isn’t allot of room to make a shallow approach. I came in steep at idle and looking back I should have added power during the final. When I pulled brake it felt very hard and I would have like another 6 inches of travel.
John Sieb was also out …he got off a few minutes before me and took off to the foothills. I flew back to the house and landed fairly quickly. The winds were picking up and it was not comfortable around the LZ. My climb was 100 ft / minute and when I was circling the field looking to land I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have a good alternative if things went bad.This place is best flown by getting high and getting away. And only when the winds are out of the south. It sure is close to the house and I’d love to fly here more often but I’m going to have to be really careful.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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