#275 Simms

Same beautiful conditions as yesterday.

The recent rains have jump started the prairie grasses making it a much slower surface to launch from. It took 3 attempts this morning. the first two because the buggy bogged down after clearing the ramps. I think if I’d kept the A’s in hand I might have saved the second launch but the wing fell back and I just couldn’t get enough speed to get it back overhead.

Then…on the 3rd attempt I didn’t clear the brake lines properly and the right hand line was looped up and over the b risers. It cleared itself quickly but there was a moment when I was considering an abort.

The RPMs have come down 150 to 3550-3600 and it’s decreasing the climb. I’ll back off the pitch a little bit and see if I cannot get it back up to 3750.

The Garmin 176-C is shutting down when shaken so I’ve removed the mount and will do everything with the Foretrex 102 from now on.

This morning the air was very calm until 6200 MSL where I ran into mixing air and some early thermal activity. It seemed to get worse the higher I went so I came back down to 500 AGL and enjoyed making turns over the patch as well as the High School and Prison.

I look forward to trying another wing…this powerplay likes to dance and I’m not so fond of the way the buggy is dancing under it.

Next flight I’m going to move the hangpoint loops 3/8 inch forward to increase the thrust vector and hopefully improve the climb.

All in All after the hassle of launching….It was a good flight. Only 25 more to 300!

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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