Flight 271 Simms

First flight in a long time
The wind was coming from the South and East at 5:00 pm.
It was a warm 65 degrees
For 45 minutes it shifted back and forth at 8 knots and for a brief time it swung around to the West. Marek stopped by on his motorcycle and while we chatted the winds came down…He left and I set up. First attempt in light breeze the wing over flew me and I had to re-set. Second was better when I damped the surge a little quicker. I must have got off a bit early because the buggy drifted down a bit. I was a little disappointed by the climb rate it hung at 140 ft/min for awhile but there were areas of lift where I was climbing at 260 and better.
The new FB Throttle is better but I still don’t have a good hold yet. I think it might help if I lowered the brakes a little bit. I was not comfortable in the mixing air and had to force myself to go “hands free”. I’m still working on fine motor control, the short throw in the throttle and quiet motor make it a real challenge to find the sweet spot.
I’m also a little disappointed by the Power Play Sting 250. It feels mushy compared to the Eden III. Maybe it will firm up with the trimmers out. The wing wanted to turn to the left and after fooling with the trimmers a bit I got it figured out. But I just felt like the wing was doing it’s own thing. There was a bit of weed high on the left side and perhaps the drag from it was what I was feeling.
Landing was good…. power on…
Next time try a moving the foot steering so that the arms can go farther back. Use the cruse control and go trimmers out.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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