#233 #234 #235 Marana AZ

Three Flights …Two blown..Forgot to disengage the choke.
Strike one… I was feeling pretty good about things. The motor was starting on the first pull and I was so busy patting myself on the back that I missed the fact that I was having a hard time getting up to 6000 RPM and I also missed the way it was stuttering when I backed off the throttle. It speaks well for the bing that I could have the choke on and fly so well.
Two of the five attempted launches were aborted the first because the wing overshot and even though I was using brake and rolling forward …it would not load up. Maybe if I shortened the brake lines a bit I would have a little better control during the launch.
** NEXT FLIGHT **SEE HOW MUCH SLACK THERE IS IN THE BRAKES AT FULL TRIM AND TRIMMERS OUT. See how much pull will bring the brake lines to the point of moving the trailing edge.
The next abort was because the wing came up crooked after I had aborted stopped and brought the down it tried to pull me over in a slow roll. **NEXT TIME***TAKE A WRAP ON ONE BRAKE LINE AND HAUL IT IN.
The good launches were a mixed bag, during the highest wind I was pleased that I was able to take my time and kite the wing and taxi for awhile before I committed to the launch. The other two were not noteworthy.
All of the landings were the same, I killed the motor and flared late to bleed off speed. Nice soft touchdowns every time. It’s nice to know that I’m finally getting a little of that muscle memory that Brian Smith used to talk about. 🙂
The wheeley casters work great, but I’m going to have to practice with the trimmers at different positions because at full out the wing comes up too fast to give the buggy time to start tipping.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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