#185 & #186 Back to Saint George

Great Fun!

I got into Saint George about 5pm and it was blowing like hell. I decided it wasn’t going to be flyable and got into the Motel routine. Sure as heck by the time I’d had something to eat and was crawling into the hot tub…the wind had come down the clouds had parted and it was beautiful calm air. I smiled got into the tub and enjoyed a Utah classic sunset.

The road work is complete so we were able to get started 30 minutes earlier. This time we flew from the old airstrip that had been taken over by the RC club. Mark and I flew together for about 45 minutes. We come from the same school of Flying because we kept in touch but kept our distance. The air was calm and except for the one time I flew thru my own prop wash there wasn’t a bump. I ranged in a rectangle about 5 miles by 3 miles checking out the edge of the city a river and alfalfa field. The air strip is supposed to be reactivated sometime in the next couple of years but I have a feeling that they will let us keep flying if Mark plays his cards right.

During the second flight I did several touch and goes and practiced my low and slow, using lots of power and brakes. Very nice morning….

Author: JoeO

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