Flight #182 & #183 Saint George Utah

Saint George Utah

Mark Lanthum hosted my flights. We met in front of the Motel district a little after 5am and I followed him out to the field. We had to take the back way (lots of country back roads) because they are working on the main water line. Thanks to GPS tracks I’ll be able to find it again because I was blindly following his tail lights most of the time.

The LZ is a big open area with lots of hard pack earth. Off to the NW about a half mile is an old landing strip that has been taken over by the local RC club. I did a short flight to check the 155 jet. After 15 minutes I landed and checked the plug. Thinking it was a little hot I tried the 160 and 165 which made the motor run terribly. So back to the 155 and it ran great for the 45 minute flight that followed. This is a great place. beautiful vistas and a huge area to practice the “low and slow.

Author: JoeO

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