#175 A Beautiful Sunset Flight ( 3 Flight Day! )

Almost a Full Moon…

Stopped by the lake at 6pm because the wind was blowing too hard to fly. The dingy fleet is going at it but no sing of any on the shore …so I headed out to Simms and Kip. When I got out there I took my time setting up because it was still blowing.. At 7:30 I was ready to go, the wind had come down and was blowing 2 or 3 mph from the south. The wind sock was farther infield than normal and I had set up so that I would be running right at it. I smiled at the image of running into my own sock. I was pretty sure I would be able to avoid it ….if not fly right over it. The air was great! I headed over to the golf course and flew a low power glide down the slope toward the clubhouse. Someday I’m going to fly to a CSYC board meeting !

So I flew for 45 minutes not getting much over 800 feet and not too far from the field. Before I landed I’d tossed the parachute and watched it glide to my stuff bag, taken a few pictures and danced with Marek who showed up late. The landing was a nice floater. Most of the flight was with the trimmers out and I noticed that I flew almost the whole time with both hands on the controls. I’m liking the feel of a little brake pressure especially with the trimmers out.

There was a guy named John waiting when we landed…Guy had never seen PPG before and was blown away. I’ve had people waiting at the LZ before but this guy was certainly the most enthusiastic. I think Marek gave him the flock website which is a good thing because he put me off a little bit. I just want to enjoy the moment. So I let Marek talk while I kited the wing. There was just enough breeze to do a nice reverse for the spectators.

Author: JoeO

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