What a day
Blew first two launches. I was trying to use the prop wash to build a wall and it absolutly wasn’t working for me. The wing came up hard to the left both times and I was unable to react near fast enough to get under it. If I had tried to turn hard enough to follow the wing I would have been 30 degrees …or more…off the wind. On the second muffed launch I managed to do a slow mo tip over. (NO DAMAGE).
Third try I walked the wing back and re-set properly. I went back to giving myself a couple of feet of slack and this time when I started the roll the wing came up easy and I was able to stableize it with just a little brake input.
House Keeping:
1. change jet back to the 155 and see if the plug changes to the right color of brown.
With out bogging down at the top end…
2. install garmin antenna.
Race number 1 of the summer series is going to be my throwout race.
I blew it at the start starting with the B fleet. John Sieb was helm and I don’t think I helped him enough. Very high winds steady from the North gusting to 20+knots. Two boats capsized and the new Freedom 24 went down with one man missing for 20 minutes. It’s resting on it’s keel /dagger board with the top 20 inches of mast above the surface. Everyone is ok and the paramedics delt with the guy who was swimming….So all is well.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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