5th race Chatfield Spring Series CSYC

Great wind! Steady 8 kts with gusts to 15 and more. We started with the Jib and changed to the heavy weather Genoa during the starting sequence. John Seib and I got a great start 2nd behind Tireless. Our tacks were a bit ragged but we got into clear air and sailed within a couple of hulls of Norm & Gerry till the last reach. We widended our lead on the run and finished first by a little over 60 seconds. The PHRF wan’t kind because we corrected to 4th.

Lost the LCR Beanie that I had just modified with a snazzy little red propeller. Jim Stark got a chuckle out of it before it got knocked into the lake so it served it’s purpose….Ah well it just wasn’t meant to last.
Since the results were not available Sunday after the Regatta. Trophys were distributed during the Jack Lowe Memorial hamberger feast. I’ve a prety silver second place pickle dish. Still searching for that elusive first place at a S.A.I.L. Regatta.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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