Spring Sailing

Paradiso is tied for first place after 3 races.

Today I went out single handed in gusty winds. Two reefs in the main and the #3 Jib. Only Rick and I were on the lake and he saw the weather comming in before I did. I was down by #5 and he was up by #2 I could see that he was getting his sails down but I didn’t see that he was in a blow. I must have sensed the weather was approaching because I went below and put on a jacket and PFD. Within 90 seconds the wind was on me hard from the N.W. I spent 40 minutes beating into the blow at the point of broaching the whole time. When the wind started to come down Rick and Stan motored out to make sure I was OK. Nice of them.

The sails got a bit of a flogging and my joints are a bit stiff but no damage done. I have full confidence in the standing rigging after that work out.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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