100th Flight!

john was already at the field when I arrived. I took of about 3:30 and played around the marina & LZ for about an hour.
Got into sink during landing but no problem. held the risers a little higher and the wing came up better.

Big List
Today was my 100th flight. …And …I’m looking forward to the1000th.I’ve swallowed three props a couple of frames a bit of pride and two years (plus a day). For a long time it was all about take off and landing , but it’s been 55 flights since I’ve had a difficult landing or really stupid take-off and now I’m learning to fly. What a ride ! Foot launch is king but I love my buggy.There have been a couple of engine outs, broken muffler springs and semi”puckering’ moments, but for the most part…all were non events.I’ve flown ocean beaches, dry lake beds, rocky mountains and cornfields. With hot air balloons, powered parachutes, gyro copters and a mess of PPG’s.During three major fly-in s and lots of mini s I have met instructors and manufacturers veterans and newbies. I’ve lost track of some of the guys I started with, one moved away another sold his rig early, and one was killed in a during a fly-in …people come and go…but allin all, a great bunch.. Several have been key and I really thank you.And look forward to the next time we meet.So…Brian, Doug and Roshanna, Leon Wayne and Suzi, Bubba, Alex andBo, Michael , Bob and Jeff, Michelle Eric and Jim. Casey and Chad

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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