Flight #1155

Nice flight. No Drama. Flew over to Gasparilla Marina and low and slow around the golf course.

I goofed, the wind died and the wing fell into the weeds. It came down like a wet nose rag. I spent 10 minutes untangling it and somehow in the process the wing cam detached from the inside magnet.

My 86 year young buddy Otis rode by to congratulate me for cheating death …. Again. I told him he was my hero for cheating it every day.

It’s all good.

Flight #1153

Arrived at the field 15 minutes before dawn. There was a low cloud cover and it was very dark. One patch of lightness was visible showing the only opening in the clouds. I had decided to bag it and drove almost back to Gasparilla Rd when I noticed that the clouds were starting to lift and break up.

Ten minutes later I was back at the launch where it was looking much better. There were a couple of blue holes I could use to get above the clouds and I could see that it would be possible to get glimpses to the surface good enough to keep my bearings.

The launch was normal and I enjoyed a nice cloud flight finishing with a beautiful glory that was captured very nicely by the wing cam. The landing was soft and witnessed by my cycling friend , 87 year old Otis.

Hurricane Ian 2022

Flight #1148

second cut

Nice but nervous flight. Without back up to help if I got in trouble, it was necessary to stay a little higher than I wanted. It affected the quality and without internet I couldn’t tell that or was fuzzy. So, it’s not my best piece but it was certainly a memorable flight.

I did get the satisfaction of helping a few of my friends find their boat and see if it was still on its feet. John Miller and Glenn Cattanach did the preview. Maybe I’ll add a few stills and trim it a little more before I put it to bed..

Flight #1146

Flight #1146

FlySkyhy shut down the flight prematurely. Don’t know why. Nice flight , level 3 bumps at 300 ft.

— Read on earth.app.goo.gl/BPpjWP

Had to reset from crosswind launch when breeze came up square down runway#1.

Steve F. came by after I landed and invited me to join him. Unfortunately I’d had my flight and was done for the morning. I packed up and met him at his LZ where I watched him launch and land. We chatted a bit and swapped phone #s.