Hunter 28.5 Refit

Safe Cove Boat Yard

At haul out it was apparent that the bottom paint was failing in spots. There were small patches where it had cracked and there was water under the paint. The next morning we lowered the mast and measured the standing rigging. Saturday the bottom was stripped with a bead blaster where some small blisters were exposed. There were also 5 or 6 three inch patches from earlier repairs. On the starboard side, next to the water tank, light came through the hull easily. Despite the translucence the hull seems sound with no voids or soft spots. I spent a few hours reading articles on the web. Later I spoke with Skip Mansfield who agreed with me that I would be better served to cover the blisters with a good barrier coat and avoid the cost and potential future issues of an invasive bottom repair. I expect the blisters are only in the gel and mat coats. If the hull had been poorly laid up the damage would have been far worse than a few dime sized blisters.

Ready to undress…

The shaft and zinc are good. No movement in the strut.

Just a few minor blisters.

Bare naked bottom fully exposed …. Fat assed girl is looking good after 30 years.

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