Flight #1087. More Chase Cam

Today was a bit frustrating. I challenged myself to get out to the field before sunrise. And, I did, even though I stopped for gas. Then I prejudged the wind, it looked to be exactly like yesterday. But No!

I set up in the middle of the intersection, 30 degrees off the runway (30 degrees true). Then, to the truck to get suited up and take a picture of the view over Gaspirilla. In those few minutes, the wind shifted to straight down the East/West runway. I hemmed and hawed trying to talk myself into a launching into a 90 degree crosswind.

So…If I turned the wing just so and applied lots of left brake and the wing came up just right and all the other variables dropped in my favor. … Yeah! I could do it!). Eventually, I bagged up the APCO and taxied West to reset.

The launch was clean but I was 30 minutes late for a trophy shot. Instead of going for altitude I climbed to 1000 ft. and played with the wing. The chase cam was in position and a good time was had by all.

The landing was better than yesterday. I’d set the trimmers a notch faster than neutral. I had better flare authority and was able to control the pressure all the way to “brakes below thighs”.

When I got home, the video was disappointing. Once again the cam rode upside down. It looks like one side of the bridal got hung up. It was set too close to the wing and got knocked down at the start of inflation.

SAFETY NOTE…. The sheath is broken on the First right D line. Probably from the day I wrapped the chase cam.